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We follow all the social norms set by the Indian Ministry of Textiles. Our factory is as per the standards set by ISO and our workers are the most valuable assets to our company. We believe that our production output is much better when our workers are happy and satisfied. The employment rates of women have always been lower than that of men in India. We, at SLCM, strongly support women empowerment and also believe that women should excel in every field as much as their male counterparts. Our country is working towards making this shift happen and we have been doing our part in this shift as every small change together creates a big change. Indian women are almost 50% of the Indian population and they directly as well as indirectly contribute to the economic parameters of the nation. Since ages, most of their economic contributions have not been accounted and their humble services have been taken for granted. It’s high time to recognize the role of women fraternity in the growth of an economy and take necessary steps to involve the rural uneducated females in the growth process simultaneously along with the urban uneducated as well as educated females.


At present, 55% of our employees are women. The women in our company work at all different levels of hierarchy - ranging from the sales manager to the packaging supervisor, from the trimming experts to the helpers in the stitching area, from the quality checker to the janitor, our workforce is fairly distributed at a 9:11 ratio (Men: Women).



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